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Full Moon, November 26th 2023. Taurus Rohiṇī

The reason we talk about culmination is because the Moon is reaching maximum fullness and right at that moment of fullness 100% light it begins its journey to darkness once again.

In technicality we call the Full Moon the 15th Lunar day which marks the lunar journey until that point of Fullness. For example this lunar day in Europe begun on S15 11-26-23 11:23am and will end on K1 11-27-13 10:16am.

This Full Moon will reach its completion in Taurus Rohiṇī Nakshatra. This is the place of exaltation of the Moon, which usually would encourage us to call this moment auspicious to begin new things in the world. However this year, the 'uchanath, the planet Venus which rules over Taurus is in Virgo fallen and in close conjunction to Ketu the tail of the Snake (good for spirituality). Due to that the exaltation carries an inherent flaw, as though an inability to manifest it's fruits in the world. For that reason I recommend to keep this Full Moon as solely a spiritual endeavor. Do connect with Soma which is the Nectar of Divine Moonlight, you can invoke the following Mantra, and bask under the Full Moon light. Meditate and chant and offer your grateful heart.

oṃ namaḥ śivāya namo somanāthāya

Some further notes on the current transits

Mercury which has been giving a Parivartana to Venus from Scorpio VIA Ketu and by doing so conferring a Nicha Banga, (which we could translate as a reversal of its fallen status) is moving to Sagitarius tonight. Please note this is definitely not to be seen as a concelation re NICHA BANGA think *release of people that have been kidnaped, they were kidnapped in the first place NICHA and released BANGA. Venus will remain in its fallen position for a few more days until the 29th of November after which it will have passed Ketu and begin a more auspicious transit in Libra. Venus rules all things diplomacy, romantic affairs, sensuality, art ect... To reiterate patience and caution should be applied for the fews days until both Mercury and Venus our Rajas planets, creative energy, have stabilized in their respective signs, Sagittarius and Libra. November 29th/30th.

The Sun and Mars are remaining in Scorpio until the Dark Moon two weeks from now in Jyestha. And for the next two weeks will be blessed by a Shubha Kartari from Mercury and Venus.

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