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Lunar Eclipse October 28th 2023

There will be a lunar eclipse on Saturday the 28th of October 2023, it will be visible in all of Europe, and the East, throughout India and Indonesia.

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The Moon represents our mind and emotions, it moves quickly through the sky and is ever changing in light and shape. The Moon and the Sun are dancing with each other.

The study of this dance is many fold in Jyotisha. For example we could speak of the Sun that created the 12 signs of the Zodiac while the Moon gave birth to 27 (28) Lunar Mansions called Nakshatra.

While solar days are regular in time, lunar days can vary slightly as does the moon.

The moon which is our emotions also represents society at large. A strong moon allows for resilience in the face of challenges. It is a great blessing.

This energy of the Moon is going into the shadows of the eclipse. In the next few days leading up to the eclipse it is recommended to be patient and not take any major life decisions, divorce, move, change of work ect... This time will definitely show some societal agitation and emotional unrest. For a deeper understanding of the impact of eclipses on your personal chart schedule a professional reading. (

The eclipse will take place in the lunar mansion of Aśvinī which is in sidereal Aries. This is the head of the zodiac and Jupiter is currently retrograding close to the point of the eclipse in Aries (Bharaṇī).

Please review the Panchang on Deva.Guru

This energy of the eclipsed moon ie of the shadows of emotions is not one that we want to welcome into our lives. In such it is recommended to stay inside and not look at the shadow of the eclipse. Is is also recommended to not cook during the time of the eclipse. Rather it is prefered to offer pacifying practices ie fasting and or mantra recitation. It is a special time for spiritual practice and to offer your Sadhana so take advantage of it.

Please review for the exact timing of the eclipse at our location. And or the section of with your location.


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