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April-May Eclipses and Rahu - Jupiter Conjunction. The light of Vedic Astrology

Dernière mise à jour : 27 mai 2023

We are in the in between phase of the Solar - Lunar eclipses, part of a recurring 6 months cycle.

Find your time zone in the chart below and review the advices given in the to do list. It is advisable to spend the time of the eclipse in spiritual practice.

The eclipses are happening very close to a significant Rahu Jupiter conjunction. This conjunction occurs every 7 years.

Here are some details about the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction on May 27th 2023:

Jupiter has begun its journey through Aries and is moving towards the planet of Shadows Rahu. This will culminate on May 27th 2023 meaning that on this specific day Jupiter will be in exact conjunction with Rahu.

Once this point of conjunction has passed it is considered that Jupiter has gone through a type of eclipse, in a way it is coming out of darkness, and though still in conjunction with Rahu in Aries, until Rahu moves to Pisces (the nodes move backwards)) past that point of May 27Th it will be slowly regaining strength and loving away from this darkness.

Jupiter is the planet of inner light, goodness, luck, truth religion and spiritual teachers, holder of the 'space element which permeates all of creation. A very well placed Jupiter in its highest expression brings about great harmony between all, that is why Jupiter is a wonderful teacher. Until May 27th Jupiter will be getting very close to Rahu, which is darkness, materialism, poison, and lacking truthfulness on some level it is the opposite of the fire of truth and right action for the sake of following the right path.

Show support to your spiritual organisations and teachers as they may be impacted by this movement of Jupiter meeting Rahu on May 27th.

It is a good time to notice where this disharmony is taking form in your own life. Offer Shantih Peace prayers, connect to the ocean of love in your heart, go to sound baths and try your best to breathe rather than react.

Stay clear and dedicated to the path of truth and virtue.



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